These are designed to provide a better understanding of what leasing is and the services we provide

What can i Lease?

You can use this program to purchase any new or used equipment that makes sense for your business as long as it is not going to be resold and it is not disposable and/or consumable.

Typical types of equipment include:

  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Computer Equipment & Software
  • Copiers
  • Office Furniture
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Manufacturing and Construction Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Medical Equipment

Why Should I Lease Instead Of Buying?

If you borrow money to buy and own equipment, you are using up available credit, which, if used for other purposes, has the ability to earn a return much higher than the cost of the lease payments.

What Are Your Lease Rates?

Rates are based on equipment type and the credit rating of the individual business customer. The best way to find out what the rates are going to be for a desired piece of equipment is to contact one of our account managers and get a quote for the equipment you wish to lease.

What Are The Up-front Costs For A Lease?

Usually, just the first and last monthly lease payment. Unlike a down payment for a purchase, these payments are smaller and are applied to your total lease payments. In addition, a nominal documentation and filing fee is required for processing the lease documents

Can I Cancel The Lease?

The lease is noncancelable. However, you may arrange for prepayment of the lease or upgrade to a more sophisticated piece of equipment.

What Is The Turn Around Time To Receive Payment?

It usually takes three to five business days from the time we have the signed lease documents in our office.

Can I Work With Multiple Vendors And Still Have One Lease?

Yes. We can work with as many vendors as you need to get the equipment you want.