Lease or Buy

LEASE OR BUY? Leasing is the fastest way of financing equipment in today’s business environment.  It is based on the proposition that profits are earned …

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Rent to own vs Leasing?

RENT TO OWN VERSUS LEASING What is leasing? This is a legal agreement whereby the owner of property, called the lessor permits the user, called …

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What is Leasing?

What is Leasing? Leasing is a means of delivering finance, with leasing broadly defined as “a contract between two parties where one party, the lessor …

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Operating Lease

operating lease

What is Operating Lease? An operating lease is the rental of an asset from a lessor (Rivieres Finance Limited). The operating lease concept allows a …

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Grow your Business

Grow your business

Grow your Business Growing your company beyond its current status requires capital and assets.  Rivieres Finance will provide you with leasing solutions to help you …

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