Medical equipment leasing for all specialities


Staying up-to-date with medical technology is important for your business because of the instant relationship it creates with your patients. If patients know you have the best possible technology available, they feel safe and will more easily trust going through your company for their medical needs, now and in the future.

Leasing medical equipment allows you to gain revenue off of the machinery and use that to pay it off. Going through Rivieres Finance, easy process makes any type of equipment you need available when you need it!

"Your business can grow and become more successful through leasing your equipment"


• dental chairs • x-ray equipment and generators • thermosdisinfectors • water distillers • sterilizers • autoclaves • anesthesia monitors • cardiac or heart monitors • electrosurgical units • pulse oximeters • urinalysis systems • oxygen concentrators • ultrasonic scalers • capsule mixing units • slit lamps • operating tables • refrigerators • incubators • coagulometers  and much more!

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