whta can you lease

       You can use this program to purchase any new or used equipment that makes sense for your business as long as it is not going to be resold and it is not disposable and/or consumable.

Typical types of equipment include:

  • Vehicles including cars, trucks, motorbikes and trailers.
  • Computer equipment - Servers, printers, fax machines, scanners, laptops/PC's, Ipads/tablets,
  • Furniture - office furniture, banking hall counters and partitions
  • Agricultural, manufacturing and industrial equipment.
  • Earth moving and Land preparation machines.
  • Audio-Visual equipment - smart board/interactive white boards, plasma screens, multimedia projectors, recording equipment and other AV equipments.
  • Telecommunication equipment - Business telephone systems, VOIP systems, video conferencing, hubs, routers, voice-mail system, cabling.
  • Vending machines for food, confectionery/snacks,cold and hot drinks.
  • Medical equipment, textile equipment, engines,air conditioning.
  • Restaurant/Catering equipment
  • Banking equipment - Automated Teller Machines, cash sorter machines, note counters, data card printers.
  • Security equipment - Surveillance cameras, alarm systems
  • Fire Equipment and much more...